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Calvary United Methodist Church is located in the Allegheny West neighborhood of the Northside. If you have been down to watch the Steelers at Heinz Field, you have probably seen our tall steeple touching the sky over the North Shore of Pittsburgh; at the corner of Allegheny Avenue and Beech Avenue, just a short walk from the campus of Allegheny Community College.

Worship and Sunday School 11am (Year Round)

Our worship style is traditional with blended elements:

Our liturgy is in the form of a responsive opening prayer and a unison prayer at the beginning of the service. We generally follow the standard lectionary for the scriptures of the day. The Pastors message is then based on these scriptures. Often the message relates to what is happening in the world today or to a general message our particular congregation needs to hear.

We practice open communion. Anyone is invited to the table as long as they believe that Jesus died for our sins. We usually use the form of  intinction. You choose a piece of bread from the plate and dip it in the juice and consume the body and blood. Certain times of the year this format changes and directions are given at the individual services. You should always feel welcome at our table!

Hymns are chosen from our United Methodist Hymnal. The Renewal Choir performs standard blended type anthems and tries to keep variety in the styles of anthems. We sing spirituals, contemporary choir anthems, and pieces based on folk tunes. Some pieces are slow and peaceful, while others are boisterous and exciting. The New Direction Singers present contemporary praise songs at the beginning of nearly every service. One new song is added nearly every Sunday.

We offer a time for the children. Children or those “young at heart” are invited to the front of the church after announcements. Here the children receive a special lesson from the Pastor and often a token or treat reminding them of the message. The time ends with a responsive prayer between the Pastor and the children and congregation. After this message, children 6 and under are invited to the nursery where childcare is provided on most Sundays.

Our service ends with a charging postlude and you are invited to turn around and enjoy the final musical statement of the day. Don’t forget to join the fellowship hour after the postlude! Refreshments and fellowship can be found in the chapel through either side door at the front of the sanctuary.

Calvary UMC Interior

Historically:  Calvary United Methodist Church of Pittsburgh’s North Shore rose up out of the ashes in 1891.  The original Christ Methodist Episcopal Church burned to the ground. Since part of the Christ Church congregation lived in Allegheny City (now considered Allegheny West) and the rest lived in the East End, the congregation decided to split and form two new churches. When resources from the property sale and insurance were divided evenly, Calvary and the First United Methodist Church in Shadyside resulted. The cornerstones for both churches were laid by Bishop Fowler the same day, May 18th, 1893.

Architecturally:  Calvary is as interesting and inspiring as any of the finest Cathedrals in Europe. Elaborately decorated spires, louvers, gargoyles, geometric designs, St. Andrews Crosses, angelic faces carved into the Cleveland bluestone, and vaulted oak ceilings are just a few of the architectural features capturing the imagination of art critics and historians alike. The crowning feature of the building is a trio of Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass windows. They are now fully restored after many years of planning and fundraising. All of this has been made possible through the diligent efforts of the Allegheny Historic Preservation Society and the Pittsburgh community at-large. A few years ago who could have imagined that any of this was possible. But with God, there are no impossibilities.

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